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The Best Designer Resale Stores to have a Killer Wardrobe

I’ve been wearing second-hand garments since I was a baby. For my parents it was normal to reuse what was in good condition. I mean my crib was second-hand. My life has been a balance between new and second-hand, it’s just part of who I am.

I remember as a kid how excited I would get when I got something from my grandma. She had a little room that was always locked and going there felt like an honour. Everything she gave me I kept it like a treasure. Same used to happen when my older cousins would give me their clothes. They looked so stylish that owning something from them was a big deal.

More recently I started buying designer brands. I always wanted to build a wardrobe were I could mix designer and fast-fashion clothes. Designer brands can be used for many years and once I stop using them I can resell for a good price. Also going to a second-hand store is an experience that you can’t get anywhere else. Of course it’s not the champagne and VIP treatment that you get in a luxury store. But I enjoy being able to know more about the piece that I’m interest in and talking with the store owners. When I buy designer items I care about authenticity. I don’t want to give my money for something fake so it can be challenging to find and trust a store. It takes time to research but it has been a journey that I love.

The store that I have more items from is @missvintagestore. I bought from them while living in Lisbon and now in London I continue to do so. The Versace skirt that you see in the photo was my first purchase. I love the famous safety pins, details are a must for me. The other stores that I recommend are @claireluxevintage and @webuydesigner. The last one is a mix of luxury and fast-fashion so I wasn’t sure if I should add it but here it goes @ebloggersuk.

Do you buy preloved designer clothes? Tag your favourite stores in the comments.

Here are the ones I recommend:

@missvintagestore |


@webuydesigner |

@ebloggersuk |

Stores that I’ve been following:

@popclosetofficial |

@maudde.prelovedluxury |


@the_exchange_london |



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