Published in Fashion Magazine 24

Stylist Manuela Cochat

Photographer Akpe Ododoru and Oliver Morris

Videographer Oliver Morris

MUA+Hair Selen Hurer

Model Lilly Douse

Designer Nico Didonna

Jewellery Adjo

Creative Director FEP

Artist Sophie Tea Art

Stylist Vanessa Davinia

Co stylist Manuela Cochat

Merchandising shoot for Girls I Rate

Style Director Vanessa Davinia

Head stylist Manuela Cochat

Styling assistants Oreva and Connie

Photographer Sophia Carey

Models Kaey and Aicha


Singer Lux Lyall 

Director Jodi Wyeth

Producer Suzanne Holland

Wardrobe Stylist Manuela Cochat

MUA+Hair Ruth Higgins

MUA assistant Holly Bee 

Video Production Swain

Stylist Vanessa Davinia

Co stylist Manuela Cochat

MUA Dana Haber

Hair Denise Platano and Ismael

Model Marilys Holland


'Camille' published in Picton Magazine #394

Photographer Erica Von Stein

MUA Ruth Higgins

Stylist Manuela Cochat

Model Camille Alexander

Ecommerce and Lookbook

Ecommerce Photographer Sam Spinks
Lookbook Photographer Moon Immisch
MUA Queen Esoteric + Roxie
Stylist Manuela Cochat
Brand IamPiffy
Earrings Gangster Wraps Accessories
Models Anna McDonald Anakaa
Gus Stash

'Papaya Dream' published in Archive the Mag

Photographer Erica Von Stein

MUA Blanca

Stylist Manuela Cochat 

Stylist Chantie Tamara

Model Catarina Correia


Beauty Test Shoot

Photographer Manuela Fraioli

MUA Nadia Al Zayat

Stylist Manuela Cochat

Model Rez Alves


Test Shoot

Photographer Manuela Fraioli

MUA Tina Khatri

Stylist Manuela Cochat

Model Soph

Photographer Aaron Bird

MUA Diana Florea

Stylist Manuela Cochat

Model Monica

Coffee Shop Diaries for Miss Power Shop

Photographer Manuella Secco

Stylist Manuela Cochat

Model Rita Gomes


Creative Director + Stylist Manuela Cochat

Photographer Nanda Gondim

MUA Alexandra P.

Model Mariana Pereira

Clothes Retro City


Jungle Diva

Photographer Élio Nogueira

MUA Tânia

Stylist Manuela Cochat

Model Elis

Final project for Fashion and Personal Styling at Creative Academy (Porto, PT). Chest piece made by me.


Wannabe Anarchy

Creative Director + Stylist Manuela Cochat

Model Óscar Cochat

Visual Artist Sandra Araújo

Final project for Conceptual Fashion Styling at Central Saint Martins. Most of the garments were made by me.