London Fashion Week '21

Equinox was an art, fashion and food event organised by Solstice. I was working as General Manager at Shaman and was invited by the company to organise the Fashion Show for this event. I brought in Vanessa Davinia that put together the show while I assisted her. The show was built from scratch: scout and train models for the catwalk; find designers, MUA and hairstylists; and build a team of styling assistants. On the day I was the point of contact for all the fashion show team and the event organisers. I coordinated the team and made sure they followed the schedule.

FEP private event during London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week Sept '21. PR event at Christabel's (private member's club). I've styled 3 collections.

London Fashion Week '19 and '20

London International Fashion Fest Feb '20. Head Stylist alongside Vanessa Davinia. Managed 5 dressers for fittings and catwalk preparation.

Styling Assistant: Fashion Collective Hub '19 and Pierre Garoudi '19. Head Stylist Vanessa Davinia.

Paris Fashion Week '20 at Intercontinental Le Grand Hotel 

Dresser for Oxford Fashion Studio show with15 designers. I did fittings with 5 designers and dressed the models fo the runway show.

Sophie Tea Art

I helped paint the models for the nude parade and did some shifts where I welcomed visitors to the gallery.

Also worked in the 2019 Send Nudes show.

Netflix Event

Artist Ruth Brown

Head Stylist Vanessa Davinia

Styling Assistant Manuela Cochat

Drinks party at Maison Assouline to debut The Black Godfather, a companion book to the Netflix documentary. Ruth Brown performed for the guest.

Artists Dainá and Paigey Cakey

Stylist Vanessa Davinia

Styling assistant Manuela Cochat