The short film is a glimpse of an utopian concept created, starring a hypothetical technology which is touch-assistant. Bridging the epistemological boundaries with the scientific rigour through innovation and ideation. Hyper-Tech Glove is a wearable device that helps individuals improve the quality of their information input and can be used to get descriptive information with just one touch.

This type of technology is meant to provide a service of knowledge and awareness to your surroundings. Effortlessly and efficiently. The information is detailed out in a gyroscopic screen that will be extended from the compact proctor attached in the smart glove. This is the type of technology concept that encourages productivity change at a society, occupational and individual level.

So the question derived is, how can hypothetical technology concepts and scenarios shape the way we see our future societies?

Concept and direction by K!


Anastasia Claudia Lourou 
Saul Kilcullen Jarvis
Allegra Venturi 
Jake Wyatt
Olivia D. Clarke

Video Editor and Visual Effects:
Sabrina Facchetti

Lobke Van Eijk 

Alma Rosaz 

Yve Lu 
Manuela Cochat
Kudzai Chibaduki

Stylist assistant
Wenqi Zhao

Music Composer:
José Bica 

Make Up and Hair:
Lydia Gaunt

Prosthetic Designer (Glove)
Sofie Hanna

3D Glove Design:
Tanisha Berry

Singer Lux Lyall 

Director Jodi Wyeth

Producer Suzanne Holland

Stylist Manuela Cochat

MUA+Hair Ruth Higgins

MUA assistant Holly Bee 

Video Production Swain

Stylist Vanessa Davinia

Co stylist Manuela Cochat

MUA Dana Haber

Hair Denise Platano and Ismael

Model Marilys Holland

Artists Dainá and Paigey Cakey

Stylist Vanessa Davinia

Styling assistant Manuela Cochat

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